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Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
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Most of the fishing in Cabo San Lucas is within 40 miles of the port. Six miles to the west of the arch is the 45 spot. Two miles off the old lighthouse, it is a rise at the end of a 600-foot-deep ledge, coming up to 45 fathoms. Just to the west of the 45 spot at the Cardonal Canyon, the bottom drops to 3,000 feet in less than a mile.

The Tinaje Trough, a 3,500-foot-deep underwater canyon, is also on the Pacific side of the East Cape, 10 miles from the arch. Less than two miles west from the trough’s deepest spot is the San Jaime Bank, with three seamounts rising to within 150 feet of the surface on top of a 600-foot-deep plateau.

And twelve miles to the north of San Jaime is the Golden Gate Bank, rising to within 300 feet of the surface. Between the two banks, the edge of the canyon forms a pathway for underwater currents. During the summer, this area holds massive schools of skipjack tuna, Bonita, and yellow fin tuna, and is one of the top areas for blue marlin. Fifteen miles to the south of the cape is the 1,000-fathom edge, and it runs almost due east to west. Amazing current lines form along this drop and it almost guarantees fish.

Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing

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