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Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
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Cabo San Lucas Watersports

Everything imaginable on the water from extreme watersports like surfing wave running, and windsurfing to energizing activities like parasailing, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling. There's no individual left discontent after one of these energizing activities

Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
Wave Runners
One of Los Cabos great and most popular water sports, great to move around the bay.
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
Muscle power and eco-tourism ideas, this is just for you, just watch the waves.
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
Cabo's most spectacular water sports, from a hi-tech boat you are lifted into the air, toured and then recovered on the spot.
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
A good mask, pair of flippers and you are set for a life time experience.
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
Scuba Diving

Chileno Bay: A breath-taking bay known for its diving and snorkeling among large rocky reef with coral trees and a variety of schooling tropical fish. Sea turtles and eels are often seen here. Depths of 30 to 70 feet.

Sand Falls: Discovered by Jacques Cousteau, the SandFalls are steep sand banks cascading into the underwater canyon populated with many tropical fish. Depths of 90 to 120 feet.

Santa Maria: A sheltered cove with multicolored gorgonians and sea fans along rocky walls where a tropical reef fish congregate. A great experience for snorkeling and diving. Depths up to 40 feet.

Sea Lion Colony: This dive gives even novice divers a chance to observe the sea lions in their own habitat. Depths of 30 to 70 feet.

La Anegada: The Cabo San Lucas canyon wall sinks straight into a deep blue abyss lined with sea fans and schools of fish at one of Cabo's best and most versatile dive sites. Depths of 20 to 80 feet.

Whales Head: Amazing rock formations are home to sea turtles, octopus and moray eels. Small nurse sharks and guitarfish sometimes can be seen. Depths of 30 to 60 feet.

Cape Marine Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas Sailing
Sailing cruises.

The best way to explore cabo San Lucas bay and beaches. Sailing sensation is a must for everybody.

Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
That challenge is here to take, a great place and waves is the Costa Azul.

Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing
Most popular on the challenging Pacific Ocean, and East Cape; only for the daring ones.

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